Welcome to the Office for Student Development!

The Office for Student Development (OSD) offers a variety of student support services designed to cultivate academic, personal, and professional development. Our staff approaches student retention and academic success from a “holistic” perspective. It is our belief that if students are to reach their full academic potential, they must maintain a balance in all areas of their being. In order to facilitate this balance, the following programs and activities are offered to the student body:

  • Individualized counseling to help students with a wide variety of personal and academic concerns
  • Small group tutoring in core curricular courses, as well as in the most challenging subjects
  • Transition orientations for students entering the first professional year and transferring in to our pharmacy program
  • Time, money and nutrition management workshops
  • Professionalism, resume writing and interviewing techniques
  • Programs on self-esteem and confidence building
  • Stress management and stress reduction techniques
  • Seminars and retreats on how to survive and thrive in their daily living experiences
  • Career advising

The tutoring program provides students with the necessary academic reinforcement in courses that present students with the greatest challenge. Tutoring is offered in key subjects such as General Biology, General Chemistry, Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Elements of Physics, Statistics, Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pathophysiology, Medicinal Chemistry, and others. The Office for Student Development ensures quality tutoring services by selecting highly qualified tutors who have mastered the material. The Office for Student Development provides academic advising and other related counseling. The staff is trained to help students with academic issues and concerns, ranging from overcoming academic difficulties to exploring study strategies to ensure success. The staff is also available to discuss issues and concerns that may be of a more personal nature. As we continue to fine tune these initiatives, we will continue to provide various forms of academic intervention. In addition to the study strategies students will participate in workshops which will address test anxiety, assessing and improving study habits, and note taking skills. The staff continues to develop new workshops and discussion themes, such as Goal Setting 4nd Academic Survival.

Contact Information

Nancy Cintron
Senior Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) & Student Affairs
(848) 445-6280
Cherae Boyce
Program Development Specialist
(848) 445-6259 malleylyne.peralta@rutgers.edu


Melissa Vargas Columna
Senior EOF Counselor of Special Programs
(848) 445-6257


Meimei Tam
Business Specialist
(848) 445-6263