Academic Departments

Pharmacy Practice & Administration

Our mission is to guide the next generation of pharmacists in the practice of patient-centered, population-based pharmaceutical care in a multitude of settings. We are committed to the ethical and professional growth of PharmD students and strive to educate lifelong learners with the skills to lead and adapt in a dynamic healthcare system.Pharmacy Practice Administration photo

Our department is responsible for coursework covering core areas of pharmacy practice as well as a clinical rotations program providing experiential learning opportunities in professional practice settings. Throughout their studies, our students benefit from the mentorship of professors who are scholars and practicing pharmacists. Our clinical faculty members practice in a variety of inpatient and outpatient sites, providing pharmaceutical services and direct patient care throughout New Jersey.

Our many partners across healthcare, government, and industry rely on us for a range of services, including a dedicated drug information center and structured postgraduate education and professional training. Our department is closely associated with the largest postdoctoral industry fellowship program in the nation.