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Welcome to the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy’s Preceptor Information Site.  Visit this page frequently for updates on upcoming preceptor development events, newsletters, grading forms and resources for Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences.

We would like to thank all of our current preceptors for their commitment and hard work in shaping our future pharmacy practitioners.  Our current network of preceptors spans not only the state of New Jersey but across the country as well.

EMSOP Preceptor Expectations & Requirements

The profession of pharmacy relies heavily on practicing pharmacists to instill the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values into the next generation of pharmacists.

The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) mandates that pharmacy schools screen preceptors and sites to ensure quality education. The initial step of the process of becoming a preceptor starts with the “EMSOP Preceptor Application” application form. This application must be completed by the identified individual who wishes to be a preceptor. The application along with CV/Resume is to be returned to the Experiential Education Office via email to Once all documents are received and they are reviewed  a site visit may be warranted with by Prof. Allunario. When approved, the preceptor will receive communication from Mrs. Joyce DaSilva on how to access the rotation management database with a login and password along with other resources. If an affiliation agreement has not already been implemented with the entity or site of the preceptor then an agreement will be forwarded for  review and execution.

The Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy (EMSOP) requires the following of all preceptors:

  • The minimum of 2 year of full-time pharmacy practice experience employment or post doctorate training such as residency or fellowship
  • Licensed and in good standing with a Board of Pharmacy though for elective rotations without patient care responsibilities, the organization should be licensed (or accredited) and in good standing with national, state or local regulatory bodies
  • Has adequate professional staff and supportive technical and clerical staff to meet the learning objectives and to provide for optimum time for preceptor and student interaction
  • Have interest and willingness to support the mission statement of EMSOP and to be a mentor and teach students
  • Have interest and willingness to assign appropriate activities and projects that are in alignment with the goals, objectives and competencies for the rotation to enhance student learning
  • Have interest and willingness to support to assist student in achieving the goals, competencies and objectives of assigned rotation
  • Have interest and willingness to approve the online student attendance log in CORE ELMS and rectify any discrepancies with the student before the completion of the rotation
  • Have interest and willingness to assess student performance and offer feedback via the rotation management software of CORE ELMS for mid-point and final grade evaluation

ACPE has guidelines pertaining to rotation sites and preceptors. Below is a list pertaining to the actual ACPE Guidance for Practice Sites: Standard 22

In general, each site used for required pharmacy practice experiences should have the following characteristics:

  • A patient population that supports the learning objectives for the experience
  • Access to learning and information resources
  • A commitment to the education of pharmacy students
  • A practice environment that nurtures and supports professional interactions between students, pharmacists, and patients and their caregivers
  • Adequate resources to ensure that students receive oversight, professional guidance, and performance feedback from preceptors
  • Equipment and technology that reflect contemporary practice and support student education for that practice
  • Contemporary services for individual and group patient care, such as Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
  • Collaborative professional relationships with other healthcare providers
  • A strong commitment to health promotion, disease prevention, and patient safety, as reflected by the services provided (e.g., provision of health screening, tobacco cessation counseling, immunizations) and/or products made available (e.g., not stocking cigarettes and other tobacco products)

EMSOP Preceptor Rotation Manual

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