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Pharmaceutics is the science of delivering biologically active compounds to the body through strategies that maximize efficacy while minimizing toxicity. An understanding of pharmaceutics allows scientists to convert a potential drug into an effective medicine that improves patient health, safely and conveniently. Our department creates new knowledge and discovers new therapies and therapeutic strategies in four areas of pharmaceutics: biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, drug delivery, and nanotechnology and nanomedicine.

Our faculty are distinguished scientists who mentor students, run active research labs, and conduct groundbreaking research that has led to major advances in treating cancer, asthma, AIDS, and chemical poisoning, among others. Our faculty hold more than a dozen patents and pioneered the technological innovations behind several promising start-up companies. Over the past 10 years, our research program has attracted more than $30 million in funding from federal and other sources.

Our department plays an important role in the education of PharmD students, offering courses in drug development and delivery and welcoming high-achieving students into research collaborations with faculty. Our graduate program in pharmaceutical science has trained dozens of young scientists—master’s and doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, and research associates—who have gone on to successful careers in industry, government, and academia.