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Welcome to the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy’s Preceptor information page. Please visit this page frequently for updates on upcoming preceptor development events, newsletters, grading forms, and resources for Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences.

Our network of preceptors spans the state of New Jersey and extends across the country.  If you are interested in joining our preceptor network, please contact Dean Donna Feudo:

We would like to thank all of our current preceptors for their commitment and hard work in shaping our future pharmacy practitioners.

The Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy uses the CORE ELMS education management system for coordinating rotation experiences for students and preceptors and for all evaluations of students' work. Click below to login into CORE ELMS for preceptors.


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See the PharmD Program Clerkship Syllabus

Introductory and Intermediate Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs)

Through 4-week Introductory and Intermediate Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs), students begin to practice skills related to the profession through a variety of experiences including shadowing pharmacists, participating in the drug delivery process, observing the use of automation technology and participating in community health education activities. In the summer after their first professional year, students gain practice experience in Community settings. In the summer after the second year, students have rotations in Hospital/Institutional practice settings.

Community Practice

IPPE Community - Skills and Competencies
IPPE Community - Evaluation Form
IPPE Community - Student Log

Hospital/Institutional Practice

IPPE Hospital/Institutional - Skills and Competencies
IPPE Hospital/Institutional - Evaluation Form
IPPE Hospital/Institutional - Student Log

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs)

The Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) are 5-week rotations for students in their final professional year prior to entry into pharmacy practice.  These experiences may be completed in a variety of practice settings, including community, hospital, clinical practice, industry, and ambulatory care.

Basic Requirements

APPE - Overview of Requirements
APPE - Goals and Objectives by Rotation Type/Specialty
APPE - Longitudinal Assessment Form
APPE - Requirement for Case Presentations
APPE - Requirements for Journal Club

Types of APPE Rotations

Community Practice

APPE - Community Rotation Goals & Objectives
APPE - Community/Ambulatory Evaluation Form

Hospital/Institution Practice

APPE - Hospital/Institution Evaluation Form

Inpatient/Acute Care/General Medicine Practice

APPE - Internal Medicine Evaluation Form
APPE - Acute Care Evaluation Form
Seminar Evaluation Form
Case Presentation Evaluation Form
Journal Club Evaluation Form

Clinical Other/Elective Practice Sites

APPE - Clinical Other Evaluation Form
APPE - General Elective Evaluation Form


After successful completion of a minimum of 1440 practice hours in APPE rotations, students may sit for the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) and the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination (MPJE) and apply to the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy for pharmacist licensure.


See the Preceptor Newsletter, published quarterly by the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy.

The School of Pharmacy also provides continuing education programming for preceptors. Click here for the latest schedule.

ENCORE Preceptor Program - "The Pharmacist Patient Care Process"  September 27, 2018 Click here

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