Post-Graduate Professional Programs

Increasingly, the advanced clinical positions and specialized industry careers sought by pharmacists require additional postgraduate training, through a residency or a fellowship. As the premier pharmacy school in New Jersey—a state that is both a healthcare hub and the epicenter of the world pharmaceutical industry—the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy is uniquely positioned to foster the impressive partnerships that distinguish our postgraduate pharmacy professional programs.

Our residencies and fellowships are nationally competitive positions reserved for highly qualified candidates holding a PharmD, whether the degree is from Rutgers or another institution.

Pharmacy Residencies

Rutgers directs several postgraduate clinical residency programs through our affiliations with more than a dozen local hospitals and managed care settings. Our clinical faculty serve as preceptors to pharmacy residents through the residency programs of their institutions. Postgraduate year one (PGY1) residencies are offered in general practice; postgraduate year two (PGY2) residencies are offered in many specializations, including public health, emergency medicine, and pediatric pharmacotherapy.

Our residency positions are competitive and awarded through a national match process. We encourage Rutgers pharmacy students to broaden their residency search to include the many positions available across the country, in a variety of practice settings and social environments.

Pharmacy Industry Fellowships

The Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program is a career accelerator, each year launching the professional lives of more than 160 promising young PharmD graduates. These one- or two-year fellowships place selected candidates in specialized industry positions, including marketing, drug information, clinical development, drug safety, regulatory affairs, and more. Fellows work on site for a partner company, receiving structured mentorship and career development with additional opportunities for clinical research and scholarly activities.

In both scale and variety of opportunity, the Rutgers program is recognized as the preeminent industry-based training program in the country. Among our partners are 20 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies.