Academic Departments

Chemical Biology

The Department of Chemical Biology examines how chemicals—including food, drugs, and environmental agents—interact with biological systems, especially the human body. We develop new insights into these processes, and then translate that knowledge into a better understanding of human health and novel pathways for confronting human disease. Through our work, we improve individual health and make lasting contributions to the wellbeing of society.

Our faculty of distinguished scientists includes editors of prestigious journals, and recipients of major research awards. They run active research labs, making fundamental discoveries in chemical biology that lead to disease prevention and treatment. Our research attracts significant federal funding, primarily in major grants from the National Institutes of Health. We are also the founding department of the Center for Cancer Prevention Research.

Our scientists are enthusiastic teachers. We are fully engaged in the education of PharmD students, teaching courses and encouraging students to collaborate on faculty research. We are also deeply committed to mentoring the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists, working with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in collaborative research across several Rutgers graduate programs.