The AMCP Foundation, with sponsorship by Pfizer, Inc. offers a managed care internship every summer to a handful of pharmacy students from around the nation. This year, Soham Shukla was selected to complete an internship at Horizon BCBS. Soham was the first Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy student selected for this internship in the 25+ years it has been offered.

As a part of his internship, Soham completed a research project and will be presenting a poster on his results at the AMCP Nexus Meeting held in Dallas, TX on Oct 16-19, 2017. The topic of his research was on opioid use, an issue he is very passionate about, in accordance with the extensive work that he has done with Rutgers AMCP using the Opioid Toolkit that was developed at our school last year.

Congratulations Soham!

Here is the link to the press release: