PharmD Honors Research Program

The PharmD Honors Research Program is designed to provide exceptional students in the School of Pharmacy with in-depth research training and experience in a specialized area of interest.

The Program provides:

  • Training in conducting research and interpreting scientific finding
  • Practical experience with experimental design and modern research techniques in a laboratory or clinical setting
  • One-on-one mentoring with a School of Pharmacy faculty member
  • Enhanced presentation and writing skills
  • Development of a specialized area of knowledge during PharmD training
  • Summer research opportunities
  • Excellent experience for students considering a PhD or the PharmD/PhD dual degree option
  • Potential for publication of research findings in peer-reviewed journals
  • Strengthened curriculum vitae
  • Special recognition at commencement and on transcript

The Program is flexible, to maximize opportunities and meet student needs; students may enter at any time from the spring of the PP2 year through the P2 year, though they are encouraged to enter the program as early as feasible. A checklist will be used to develop a student’s plan of study rather than a fixed set of successive requirements. This will allow students to take advantage of courses/lab rotations/summer programs as they become available and as their interests develop. An individual student’s plan of study should include research experiences and courses that complement the research project and enable the student to develop a particular area of emphasis while completing the PharmD.

Admission Requirements

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • Letter of recommendation from a School of Pharmacy faculty member who agrees to serve as the student’s Honors Research mentor
  • Letter of intent from the student describing their goals and expectations for the Honors Program (1 page)

Students interested in the Program should contact faculty members to inquire about availability to perform Honors research. As of May 2013, Pharm.D. Honors research may be performed in the laboratory or clinical site of a non-EMSOP mentor. However, it is up to the student to identify both a Primary Mentor and an EMSOP Co-Mentor as described in the “Non-EMSOP Honors Mentor Guidelines”.  More information about the research of faculty members can be found on our Directory.

After students identify a mentor, they should email their Program Director (Clinical Research contact Professor Mary Wagner and Laboratory Research contact Professor Emmy Gordon or Professor Don Gerecke) to submit their letter of intent. Students will then meet with the Program Director to develop their Plan of Study for the Honors Program.

PharmD Honors Research Program Requirements

How to find a mentor
Application Form
Non-EMSOP Honors Mentor Guidelines


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