Pharmaceutical Science (MS and PhD)

The post-genomic and Big Data era in pharmaceutical science is one of rapid and exciting change. Research avenues for pharmaceutical scientists—from drug discovery to delivery to response—are wide open, driven by the completion of the Human Genome Project, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology and Big-Data computational capability. At the forefront of this new era of molecular, cellular and computational pharmaceutics is the Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Science at Rutgers’ Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, ranked among the top programs in this field in the 2010 National Research Council (NRC) ratings.


Here students find a research environment in which competitive, funded, and cutting-edge work is conducted with a multidisciplinary faculty of respected scientists. Students learn the skills and knowledge demanded by the modern needs of our field, mastering the ability to both:

  • advance current knowledge in traditional pharmaceutical science and


  • integrate the great strides being made in genomics, molecular, cellular and computational pharmaceutics into a new understanding of pharmaceutical science.

Scientists graduating from our program enjoy a competitive advantage in pursuing successful careers in academia, regulatory agencies, and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Please visit the program website of the Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Science for  a comprehensive overview, including information on faculty, students, curriculum, admissions, facilities, resources, and more.