SAS Frequently Asked Questions

For Members

How much should I charge a student?

Since it is your time and talent the amount is up to you. We recommend that you charge a minimum of $15 per hour, with a suggested range of $15 – $18 per hour . While some students might hesitate at charging these rates, this is a bargain in light of the specialization needed to tutor in these subject areas.

Who pays for the tutoring?

The student whom you agree to tutor should pay you directly.

How will students contact me if they want to be tutored?

Students should contact you directly by email from the list posted on the SAS web site. The email addresses listed are all active links that will open up an email editor. You should notify Elissa Glinn ( of any requests you receive for tutoring so we can monitor the program and monitor the progress of students receiving tutoring.

Where and when will this tutoring take place?

That will be arranged between you and the student you are helping. For the Fall 2022 semester, tutoring may take place in-person or virtually using one of the two Rutgers platforms established for online meetings (webex, zoom) or by phone.  Typically, the libraries have rooms available for study purposes and the lounge area or small conference rooms in the Pharmacy building are additional possible locations. The number of hours per week of tutoring is completely up to you and the student.

Are there any special requirements (grades for example) that the students need before I can tutor them?

No – the only requirement is that they are enrolled in either Medicinal Chemistry I, II, or Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Please forward to Elissa Glinn the name and net ID of the student so she can verify enrollment.

For Students Requesting Tutoring

Why should I pay for tutoring?

While the professors and teaching assistants are always available to answer specific questions they do not have the time to sit down with any one student for any extended period of time in view of the numbers of students in the class. You have to make the determination whether it is “worth it” to pay for a tutor. Factors you should consider include your performance this class to date and in prerequisite classes (especially organic chemistry). Also consider what it will cost you if you earn a grade of “F”. It will set you back one year – so not only will you have an extra year of tuition, but you will lose one year of salary as a pharmacist. Do the math! When those factors are considered paying $15-18 per hour for a tutor should be considered a wise investment.

How do I arrange for tutoring?

On the SAS home page go to the links on the right hand side and click on the “List of SAS members” available for tutoring. Click on one of the email addresses for the subject area of interest and send a message to that individual. Be sure to include your name, net ID, and email address. Once your registration in the course has been verified you will be contacted by the tutor. If the tutor is unable to accomodate you, you will be notified. In that event, simply contact another SAS member on the list. All arrangements (hours, rate, location) will be worked out between you and the tutor.

Who do I pay?

You pay the tutor directly.

How much of the money goes back to the Medicinal Chemistry Department?

The Medicinal Chemistry Department gets none of the tutoring money, it all goes to the tutor.

What if I feel that the tutor is not helping me that much?

In the event that you do not feel that you are being helped you can always contact a different tutor – but you must pay for any tutoring that you already received.