Heterocycles in Medicinal Chemistry:  Synthesis and Applications

(16:663:506 or 30:715:454)


Course Instructor

Times: Tuesday, Thursday, 5:40 PM – 7:00 PM IN PERSON ONLY Room 249 

Spring 2022 Exam Schedule

Exam # 1 – Time TBD

Exam # 2 – Time TBD

Final Exam – TBD

Course Description:   Heterocycles are a class of organic compounds with important applications in medicinal chemistry, catalysis, and organic synthesis.  This course will cover the synthesis and application of heterocyclic compounds in chemistry.  The synthesis of nitrogen-, oxygen-, and sulfur-containing heterocycles will be covered.  The course will also focus on the application of heterocycles in medicinal chemistry, with topics including heterocyclic metabolism, acid and base chemistry, and non-bonding interactions.  Finally, we will look at the use of heterocyclic compounds in catalysis and ligand design.  This course is intended for graduate students or advanced undergraduate students.  Although not a prerequisite, Modern Synthetic Organic Chemistry (16:160:503) is recommended.  Course work will include problem sets and exams.






Heterocycles in Medicinal Chemistry