Graduate Program in Medicinal Chemistry

  • Reaxys – Restricted to Rutgers users. Reaxys is a web-based search and retrieval system designed for synthetic organic chemists that returns information on organic compounds, bibliographic data and chemical reactions by searching the Beilstein database. It is recommended that you register, which allows you to save settings, but you can also use it without registering.  
  • SciFinder – Restricted to Rutgers users. A web-based portal to the Chemical Abstracts database. You must register for access to SciFinder. On-line training.
  • Pub Med – An easy to use front end for searching Medline, the database of the National Library of Medicine.
  • U.S. Patent Server – Full text of US patents.
  • Pat2PDF – Converts US patents into pdf files that can be printed in their entirety. Input patent number only.
  • FreePatentsOnline – Full text of patents as pdf files. Requires establishing a free account before full text patents are available.
  • European Patent Database – Full text of worldwide patents as pdf files.
  • ACS Directory of Graduate Research – Free listing of faculty and their research interests from US and Canadian universities and colleges
  • Spectral Database – Created by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan. Contains almost 14,000 1H-NMR, 12,000 13C-NMR, 47,000 FTIR, 3500 Raman, 2000 ESR, and 21,000 Mass spectra. Spectral assignments are included and spectra and their assignments can be printed.
  • BRENDA – everything you always wanted to know about enzymes
  • Protein Data Bank – Contains 3D structures for a large number of proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, and their complexes with organic substrates. Structure files can be downloaded for use in molecular modeling programs.
  • Nucleic Acid Database – Nucleic Acid Database contains data for nucleic acid containing crystal structures. The NMR Nucleic Acids Database is comprised of the nucleic acid-containing structures determined by NMR found in the Protein Data Bank. The DNA-Binding Protein Database is a database of DNA-binding
    protein structures as determined by x-ray crystallography.
  • NIST Webbook – Contains thermochemical data, IR, UV/Vis, and Mass spectra for organic compounds.
  • PubChem – PubChem provides information on the biological activities of small molecules. It is a component of NIH’s Molecular Libraries Roadmap Initiative.
  • ChemSpider – ChemSpider makes available a database of chemical structures and predicted properties as well as providing access to a series of property prediction algorithms.
  • eMolecules (formerly Chmoogle) – Find suppliers and information for over 7 million compounds.
  • Synthesis Reviews Database – Available free from Thieme-Chemistry. compiled by Prof. Philip Kocienski and Dr. Krzysztof Jarowicki. For incorporation directly into an EndNote Library

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