Changjiang (C.J.)  Guo

Contact Information

William Levine Hall
Office Room #: 009
160 Frelinghuysen Road Piscataway, NJ 08854

Changjiang (C.J.) Guo, MD

Assistant Research Professor

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Lab Affiliation: Gow Lab

Education & Training

MD - Endocrinology - Henan Medical University, PR China
MB - Medicine - Henan Medical University, PR China
Post-Doctoral Fellowship - Immunology - The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA
Post-Doctoral Fellowship - Neonatalogy - The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA

Research Interests

The majority of my research studies regulation of innate immunity in health and disease. I focus on how homeostasis of host defense, in particular macrophages, affects pathogenesis of human disease. In the past decade, I have been investigating how lung collectins and NO modified molecules generate novel signals to regulate lung pathology. A variety of techniques, such as protein chemistry, immunology, cell biology, molecular biology and extensive understanding of NO chemistry and biology, was used in these studies. I have studied several disease models in which the role of NO and NO modified molecules play in pathology. We have examined NO and NO modified molecules in a wide range of pulmonary disease. The current application focuses on macrophage phenotypes and tumor associated macrophages, which builds logically upon my prior work. I have scientific experience in lung disease research and have established lung mechanic measurements in recent years. I have shown that NO modified molecules have a wide range of signaling consequences on macrophages.



2005 - Fellow Travel Award of 17th conference of Easter Society of Pediatric Research
2003 - Fellow Travel grant Recipient, 10th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infection
2002 - Travel grant award of 9th Society of Neuroimmune Circuits and Infectious Diseases
2001 - Travel grant award of 1st AIDS Vaccine Conference
2000 - Travel grant award of the 15th Scientific Meeting of American Society of Hypertension