We are honored to announce that Poznan University of Medical Sciences, a premier higher education institution in Poland, awarded our faculty member, Professor Bozena Michniak-Kohn, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences with the Honoris Causa Doctorate. This is the highest academic degree awarded by the University for meritorious service in the field of sciences or arts. Professor Michniak-Kohn received this award in recognition of her world renown and expertise in the design and optimization of topically applied skin formulations and advanced transdermal drug delivery systems. Her work has advanced the knowledge of the mechanisms of action of skin penetration enhancers and retardants and on novel pharmaceutical carriers that improve the targeting of topical and transdermal delivery. She has designed a new generation of skin cellular models that in vitro mimic the structure of human skin.

Professor Andrzej Tykarski, MD, PhD, the Rektor of Poznan University, formally presented the award to  Dr. Michniak Kohn at a university-wide ceremony on July 6, 2023, in Poznan, Poland.