On February 27, 2019 Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Rutgers Chapter held its 10th Annual Speed Networking Event. This event gave students the ability to network with professionals from all niches of pharmacy. The Speed Networking Event is modeled after the concept of Speed Dating, each student has 7 minutes to network with a professional before moving onto the next professional. Through this event students were able to network with 10 professionals. Starting with the cocktail style meet and greet, professionals were able to network amongst themselves. After dinner, the actual Speed Networking took place, during which students had the ability to practice their elevator pitch, learn about the niche of pharmacy where the professional worked, or gain insight into how to build a career. This allows students a head start in developing their network in order to work their way towards their career goal. After the Speed Networking, students were able to continue their conversations with professionals or meet new professionals through the open networking session.