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The Rho Chi Society encourages and recognizes excellence in intellectual
achievement and advocates critical inquiry in all aspects of pharmacy. The
Society further encourages high standards of conduct and character and fosters
fellowship among its members. As a community of scholars, Rho Chi bestows
universal recognition on its members as lifelong intellectual leaders in
pharmacy; members are expected to pursue intellectual excellence and critical
inquiry in order to advance the profession. Students who rank in the top 20% of
their class after the first three semesters of professional education are
granted membership in Rho Chi during the spring semester of their P2 year.

The Alpha Eta chapter at Rutgers University is very active on campus and strives to
make meaningful contributions to the local community. During the 2009-2010
academic year, members of Rho Chi organized two successful blood drives that
yielded over 130 units of donated blood. Additionally, Rho Chi participates in
the RU4Kids program, and adopted a child who is receiving chemotherapy at
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick. Members of Rho Chi
also took the initiative to help younger students with their studies, by
organizing over ten different recitations in classes such as Medicinal
Chemistry, Infectious Disease Therapeutics, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology.
The Rho Chi Society is proud to recognize and promote academic scholarship,
service, and leadership at Rutgers University and its communities.