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Information on Grades, GPA, and Repeating Courses


Grades are reported to the university registrar at the end of each semester by the following symbols:

Grade  Numerical Equivalent



More detailed information can be found in the New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog. While the School of Pharmacy does not use grades of A- or B-, for exchange courses including those taken at RBHS Schools using "minus" grades (such as units formerly part of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, UMDNJ) the following numerical equivalents are assigned in calculating the GPA: A- = 3.67, B- = 2.67.

Repeating A Course Multiple Times
Students wishing to repeat a course more than once may be required to obtain permision from the instructor of the course or an adviser deisngated by the department offering the course.

Replacement of Grades When a Student Retakes a Course

Since converting to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) as the entry level degree in 1999, the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy's policy has been that all grades remain on the stduent transcript and are counted in the calculation of GPA. This policy is stricter than the University's default policy and is consistent with Reccomendation 4 of the University Senate Report on Charge S-1206.  

Withdrawing From a Course
A student desiring to withdraw from a course must consult with the Office of Academic Services to determine the impact on a student's ability to stay on track. Required course may not be taken in the summer except with permission of the Associate Dean for Academic Services or upon the recommendation of the Scholastic Standing Committee.

A student desiring to withdraw from the school with grades of W  in all courses must notify the Office of Academic Services. Students who leave school without officially withdrawing receive a grade of F in each incomplete course. Students who leave after the eighth day through the eighth week of a semester will receive grades of W in their courses. After the eighth week through the 12th week, permission of the dean or his designee is required and withdrawal from all courses is required (not individual courses). Withdrawal after the 12th week of the semester is not permitted.