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Honors Program

The Faculty of the Honors Program welcomes you and thanks you for your interest in the Program. Information and specifics about the Program, the admissions process, and coursework including research is provided below.

Designed for a small group of well-qualified students, the School of Pharmacy Honors Program
offers students the opportunity to pursue special research interests with a high degree of individual
attention by faculty advisors. A priority of the Honors Program is to further develop basic skills such as
motivation, independence, and creative problem solving. Hands-on experience in using contemporary
scientific methodologies also develops advanced skills in experimental design and modern research
techniques. Click here for more information.

There are many opportunities that students have once they have been invited to participate in the Program. We encourage each newly admitted student to strive for for the highest grades possible in their coursework through honesty and integrity. In a major that prepares you to enter one of the most well-respected and honorable professions in the world, it is paramount that each student appraoch his or her studies with awareness of the professionalism that needs to be shown at all times.

HONORS SYMPOSIA - SPRING SEMESTER, 2010 (to be posted at a later date)

2010 Gerstner Sloan-Kettering Summer Undergraduate Research Program  

2010 Summer Research Fellowship Program