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Deepali Dixit, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administration
William Levine Hall, Rm 423
Phone: (848) 445 6827

Specialty: Critical Care
Practice site: Robert Wood Johnson University Medical Center

PharmD,University of Rhode Island


Dr. Dixit is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy and a Clinical Critical Care Pharmacist in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Dr. Dixit received her Pharmacy degree from University of Rhode Island. Subsequently, Dr. Dixit pursued her post-graduate training in Pharmacy Practice Residency at St. Johns Hospital in Detroit, Michigan and then a Critical Care Pharmacy Specialty Resident at Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Dr. Dixit is a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist. Dr. Dixit serves as a preceptor for Critical Care Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiential learning clerkships for Rutgers pharmacy students.

At Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Dr. Dixit is intricately involved in direct patient care activities and several interdisciplinary committees. She rounds with the multidisciplinary ICU team, promotes safe use of medications, and intervenes to ensure optimization of pharmacotherapy for her patients. At Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Dr. Dixit is coordinator of Poison Management and Drug Abuse and co-coordinates Advanced Pharmacotherapy Applications and is actively involved in several committees. Dr. Dixit has been actively involved in leadership roles in regional and national pharmacy organizations.
Dr. Dixit’s research interests includes sedation and delirium, infectious disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and patient safety in the ICU.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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