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Bozena Michniak-Kohn, PhD
Department of Pharmaceutics

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PhD, De Montfort University 


Bozena B. Michniak-Kohn is Professor in Pharmaceutics and Director of the Center for Dermal Research (CDR) and the Laboratory for Drug Delivery (LDD) at the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials (NJCBM). Dr. Michniak-Kohn has directed over 28 Ph.D. students, 5 Masters students, and 250+ undergraduates and the work resulted in over 350 abstracts, 3 patents, two books, and more than 116 papers and book chapters. Dr. Michniak-Kohn has a B.Sc. (Honors) in Pharmacy and a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the DeMontfort University, U.K. Dr. Michniak-Kohn is a member of several journal editorial boards, acts as the U.S. Editor of the Controlled Release Society Newsletter and is a reviewer for over a dozen pharmaceutical and drug delivery journals. She also serves as a reviewer for the NIH, U.S. Dept. of Defense, National Medical Research Council of Singapore, and the Dutch Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw) ERANET PRIOMEDCHILD programs.


Michniak Lab for Drug Delivery

Center for Dermal Research


Dr. Michniak-Kohn’s main research focus lies in the area of topical, transdermal and buccal drug delivery. Her group is involved in the design and testing of novel dermal penetration enhancer and retardant compounds, investigation of their mechanisms of action and transport through the skin layers, molecular and computational modeling of enhancers as well as optimization and testing of topical and transdermal formulations. Studies also involve novel carrier systems such as nanospheres and investigation of skin pathways with confocal microscopy and Raman /FTIR/terahertz spectrometry. Physical drug delivery enhancement techniques are studied such as iontophoresis and microneedles. Michniak-Kohn has developed novel organotypic full-thickness human skin models that show similar morphology, stratum corneum lipid composition and drug permeability to human skin. The group is also interested in buccal and mucosal drug delivery.

Representative Publications

Batheja, P., Sheihet, L., Kohn, J., Singer, A., Michniak-Kohn, B. Topical drug delivery by a polymeric nanosphere gel: formulation optimization and in vitro and in vivo distribution studies. Journal of Controlled Release (2011), 149, 159-167.

Kaushik, D., Costache, A., Michniak-Kohn, B. Percutaneous penetration modifiers and formulation effects:  Part I. International J. of Pharmaceutics (2010), 386, 42-51.

Kaushik, D., Costache, A., Michniak-Kohn, B. Percutaneous penetration modifiers and formulation effects: Thermal and Spectral Analyses. AAPS Pharm Sci. Tech. (2010), Sept. 11 (3) 1068-83.

Batheja, P., Song, Y., Wertz, P., Michniak-Kohn, B. Effects of growth conditions on the barrier properties of a human skin equivalent. Pharmaceutical Research (2009), 26 (7), 1689-1700.

Sheihet, L., Chandra, P., Batheja, P., Devore, D., Kohn, J., Michniak, B. Tyrosine-derived nanospheres for enhanced topical skin penetration. Int. J. Pharmaceutics (2008), 350, 312-319.

Pensack, R.D., Michniak, B.B., Moore, D., Mendelsohn, R. I.R. kinetic/structural studies of barrier reformation in intact stratum corneum following thermal perturbation. Applied Spectroscopy (2006), 60 (12), 1399-1404.

Song, Y., Xiao, C., Mendelsohn, R., Zheng, T., Strekowski, L., Michniak, B.B.  Investigation of iminosulfuranes as novel transdermal penetration enhancers: enhancement activity and cytotoxicity. Pharm. Research (2005), 22 (11), 1918-1925.

Wang, Y., Thakur, R., Fan, Q., Michniak, B.B. Transdermal iontophoresis: Combination strategies to improve transdermal iontophoretic drug delivery. European J. of Pharmaceutics & Biopharmaceutics (2005), 60, 179-191.

Awards and Honors

Awarded status of Fellow of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)-2008 

Awarded the 2007 Meggers Award from the Society for Applied Spectroscopy for paper entitled “Infrared Kinetic/Structural Studies of Barrier Reformation in Intact Stratum Corneum Following Thermal Perturbation” Applied Spectroscopy, 2007, 60 (12), 1399-1404. Co-authors: Pensack, Moore and Mendelsohn.

Received Most Cited Paper Award 2005 in European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics for Wang, Y., Thakur, R., Fan, Q., Michniak, B. Transdermal iontophoresis: combination strategies to improve transdermal iontophoretic drug delivery, Vol. 60, Issue 2 (2005), 179-191.

Recipient of Researcher of the Year Award 1998, College of Pharmacy, University of South Carolina.